Michelle Slonim once had an audition for Worried Jewish Mom. The day of the audition, Michelle called and said, “I can’t come in, I’m having a panic attack.” They replied, “You’re hired!”

For as long as comedians have told stories, audiences have wondered, “Did that really happen?!?” *

Join us for “Truth or Laughs?” – a virtual, interactive comedy game show where you can win real shekels.

Hosted by New York City comedy couple Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim, the show takes the audience behind-the-scenes of funny stories with hilarious reveals where the entire audience guesses what parts of the story are true and what parts were made up just for laughs.

*For those wondering, in real life, Michelle did have a panic attack, but went to the audition anyway.

Truth or Laughs is composed of three rounds.

In each round:

    • Ben or Michelle tells a 3-5 minute (uninterrupted) funny story

    • Afterward, participants play a ten-question true/false interactive game about what parts of the story happened in real life. Faster responses get more points.

    • After each question, Ben or Michelle reveals the details behind the part of the story in question.

    • The winner gets $hekels and other prizes as decided by the organizers

    • Then in a role reversal, the winner then goes on video and plays “2 Truths and a Lie” with Ben and Michelle competing against each other.


In order to ensure the best show possible, please:

1) Have your video on

2) Try to be in a quiet place where you can be unmuted the whole show – it’s more fun when everyone hears laughs and

3) If possible, login to Zoom on a computer instead of a phone/tablet (it works all ways, but the experience is slightly better via computer)