How It Works

Truth or Laughs is a gamified fusion of pop-culture trivia, twists on classic games and stand-up comedy. It features interactive audience participation and cash prizes galore. Participants compete individually and as part of two teams by putting on their detective hats and deciding if the comedians are telling the truth or lying for laughs. Almost everyone gets their moment to shine as they improvise answers that’ll get the entire audience laughing.


Truth or Laughs is hosted by the dynamic comedy duo of Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim. Ben and Michelle have appeared on Comedy Central, Late Night With Seth Meyers, The Nick Cannon Show, comedy specials on Amazon Prime, Laughs on FOX and SiriusXM while amassing over 100 million TikTok view and 20 million Instagram views.

With hundreds of dollars up for grabs and multiple money winners crowned, “Truth or Laughs” is the ultimate battle of wit and luck.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or seeking an extraordinary event, “Truth or Laughs” is a one-of-a-kind interactive comedy experience.

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